Bridging Technology

The Hyperspectral Measurement Technology

Hyperspectral analysis is a non-invasive procedure. The egg is illuminated with light from below in a closed chamber. The image of the light passing through is captured by a camera on the other side. Based on the calculated light spectrum, the sex of the embryo can be determined. The eggs with the embryos classified as female are then incubated normally.

Hyperspectral measurement technology has several advantages. The procedure can be fully automated with high accuracy (currently greater than 95%) and more than 20,000 eggs can be tested per hour and machine. The procedure is non-invasive, so the eggshell does not have to be opened. Therefore, there is no risk of contamination and no risk of injury to the embryo. Thus, there is no loss of hatching. Therefore, the technique makes additional contributions to animal welfare. Finally, no chemicals must be used in hyperspectral measurement technology, which makes the method particularly environmentally friendly.

The hyperspectral measurement technology only works for brown hens from the 13th day of incubation of the hatching egg. Therefore, this procedure must be understood as a bridging technology until other, earlier procedures are ready for practical application.

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