GRADY 3001


GRADY 3001 fulfils your needs perfectly if you need support for up to approximately 600,000 gradings per year on a farm. The patented machine can be easily transported between individual stables: It is foldable, fits through regular doors (>85cm) and does not take up much storage space.

  • Combination of vaccination and grading in one process
  • Reduced labour time of up to 65 %
  • Advanced software concept: smooth functionality, digitalized grading process, exact recording of each bird’s bodyweight
  • New cradle design for improved reliability
  • Small, durable and easily movable construction, ensuring efficient transportation between stables
  • Easy and fast setup: foldable with mounted cradles
  • Improved workplace quality through ergonomic advantages
  • Patented cradles for bird fixation
  • More biosecurity through less workforce
  • Economic advantage: return on investment in less than two years

If you have to handle larger flocks, you should take a look at GRADY 4000 which is desigend for heavy duty use.

GRADY 3001

Technical Overview

Length: 2213 mm
Width: 1408 mm
Height: 1488 mm
Weight: 330 kg
Wheels: Easy to move through farm house / fixable

Foldable frame with dimensions:
Length: 2213 mm
Width: 843 mm
Height: 1799 mm

Stainless steel, welded frame, plastic polyamide, polyethilene, iglidur H1

Electric requirements
110 / 230 volt and 50 Hz or 60 Hz / adjustable to local requirements / fits to normal sockets /
all electric devices are controlled by the switch box

Up to 3,700 birds per hour

Software & Controller
Touch display, Siemens 9 inch touch display IP 69
USB slot for data transfer / grading protocol / uniformity calculation, optional wifi-control
Remote control for service
Direct calculation of CV and uniformity on the machine
Presorting for group setting

18 pieces for birds from 300 g up to 3000 g

2 LED lights for vaccination, hygienic design

Scope of application
suitable for grading up to 600,000 birds per year