Grading according to body weight

One of the most important indicators for the quality of broiler breeder rearing is the uniformity of the flock. This is ensured by an optimal flock management: adequate and needs-based feeding, a simultaneous start of lay and as a result, a higher laying performance level of the entire flock. Grading broiler breeder flocks in different weight-based groups is a reliable method to achieve more uniformity in the flock and will result in a better overall performance.

With its patented technique, GRADY allows this labor-intensive process to be made more effective and efficient. In addition, with GRADY it is possible that birds get vaccinated as part of the grading process. This saves time, improves job quality and reduces the number of occasions the birds have to be handled.

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Combines grading with vaccination

GRADY provides the possibility to grade and vaccinate the birds in one simplified process. Therefore, workers only have to handle the birds once for grading and vaccination, allowing a better utilization of working time while minimizing the stress for the birds. With GRADY, the birds are optimally positioned for a smooth and time-efficient vaccination process. The special patented cradle supports the birds at the base of their wings, presenting the breasts of these birds directly to the person vaccinating. This allows fast, safe and accurate vaccinations in the breast. Also, other forms of vaccine applications, e.g. above the eye or in the wing, are made easier with GRADY. Up to 6 positions for vaccinators (GRADY 4000) allow the supplying of different vaccines to the birds within one process.

Grading and recording

Computer-aided data collection

Each bird is weighed with a high-precision weighing cell and sorted into one of up to three groups. The classification of the groups is based on a sample, which is carried out at the beginning of the process with the device. GRADY is computer-controlled and operates with an intuitive touch screen. The data from the process can be transferred to a PC and then evaluated with Microsoft Excel or as a pdf. All the weights of the individual birds are recorded and the average weights and the CV values are automatically calculated.

Setup and performance

Effective automation

It only takes two people to setup GRADY. The machine is easy to clean and disinfect. It is therefore made entirely out of stainless steel and aluminum. 

The theoretical performance of GRADY 3001 is more than 3,700 birds per hour. Practically, a performance objective of 2,600 birds per hour with only 4 people is easily achievable, including setup and removal of the device and rounding up the birds. GRADY 4000 features a higher theoretical capacity of more than 4,000 birds per hour. Including setup, cleaning and packing, a performance objective higher than 3,000 birds per hour is achievable.

Through automation and the combined process of vaccinating and grading in one step, GRADY reduces the workload significantly. In line with a scientific investigation, a time-saving of up to 65 percent was measured.

Standard model

GRADY 3001

GRADY 3001 fulfils your needs perfectly for up to 600,000 gradings in your operation (per year on a farm). The patented machine can easily be transported between stables: It is foldable, fits through regular doors and does not take up much storage space.

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Made for heavy duty use

GRADY 4000

GRADY 4000 is designed for heavy duty use. With it you can easily perform up to 2 million gradings per year and more. Thanks to its robust construction it is mobile and made to be transported in a trailer from farm to farm.

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