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From research into practice

Agri Advanced Technologies is the specialist for the development of application technologies for poultry breeding and husbandry. The goal is to translate theoretical knowledge gained in research into practical applications and making a contribution in solving urgent problems for poultry breeding and husbandry.

We work closely with our partner company Innovatec and we benefit from their many years of experience and expertise in hatchery automation.


We work closely with our sister companies from the EW GROUP, drawing on their know-how from the field. In addition, if necessary, we cooperate with external institutions such as universities or research service providers as well as other business enterprises.


Lohmann Breeders

True to the maxim “For every management, the right hen and for every market, the right egg” Lohmann Breeders, a subsidiary of the EW GROUP, is a global leader in the selection and distribution of laying hens.



Aviagen, a subsidiary of the EW Group, is the global market leader for broiler genetics. As the undisputed leader in technology regarding research and development, the company is also a forerunner in improving robustness and health of birds.



Hy-Line is a world leader in poultry layer breeding, with a rich history of innovation. Qualities such as outstanding environmental robustness, excellent feed efficiency and first-class egg quality are what make the Hy-Line portfolio successful all around the world.

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