Expansion of Cheggy capacities enables necessary production volume by the end of the year

Paris, 05.02.2022. After France's phase-out of chick-killing was announced in July 2021, the official decree has now been passed after several months of preparation.

CHEGGY and STUNNY at Hy-Line Italia are ready to use

Rome, 16th December 2021. After Germany and France, the Italian parliament approved the amendment to end the killing of day old male chicks in the layer industry by the end of 2026.

AAT expands capacities for sex determination in the egg

Paris, 19th July 2021. Following Germany, France will now also legally ban the killing of male day-old chicks. This was announced by French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie at a meeting between the two countries. The law is to come into force with effect from 2022.

The German company AAT offers a non-invasive in ovo sexing method with respectful treatment of sorted out male embryos. Schaffelaarbos will further process these male embryos into Dried Egg Proteins for the Animal Feed Market.

Within breeder birds, there is always a natural variation of bodyweight, even at day-old. Usually it should be quite low variation at placement (bird quality). When the birds grow, the variation within a flock will increase further due to the different responses of individual birds to factors such as vaccination, disease, differing competitiveness for food, etc. This increased variation reduces overall flock performance and makes flock management much more difficult.

Sex determination in the egg is ready for high-volume application

“CHEGGY” is the name of the machine that marks a breakthrough in hyperspectral measurement technology. Developed by the German manufacturer AAT, this innovative technology is now ready for high-volume, practical application for brown-laying hens in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and other European countries.