In ovo sexing process to be used for the first time in Holland

Zeewolde, December 16, 2022. Dutch hatchery Verbeek is intensifying its in ovo sexing activities. 

Now there was the starting signal for the cooperation with the CHEGGY technology of the German technology provider AAT. "With the CHEGGY process, we can now also offer our customers a low-cost technology for brown layer hens without chick killing," says Gerrit Morren of Verbeek. The CHEGGY machine is the first of its kind to be used in practice in Holland: "We are proud with the process to now be able to produce hens from this process locally."

The first batches could already be delivered at the beginning of December. With this investment in another process, Verbeek is enriching its offering in the layer hen market. "We want to offer our customers the best product at the best price. Therefore, the cooperation with AAT is a milestone for us," says Gerrit Morren.

Verbeek is the first Novogen hatchery to use a CHEGGY system, but in principle the technology is suitable for all brown laying lines. "The entire process is non-invasive, so the eggshell remains intact," says AAT Managing Director Jörg Hurlin, describing the technology.

CHEGGY, with its hyperspectral measurement technique, is currently the only spectroscopic method ready for the market. Due to the sex-specific color of the plumage in brown layers, the sex of an embryo can already be determined from the first feather germs. For this purpose, the hatching eggs are illuminated from below with a halogen light in a closed measuring chamber. Using hyperspectral imaging and based on the different color spectra of the images taken, the sex can be determined. Unfertilized eggs are also detected and sorted out during the determination process.

The CHEGGY process does not require any chemicals or consumables, which makes the method particularly environmentally friendly. In general, CHEGGY is currently the most efficient method on the market due to the simple and fast process, so that about two thirds of the costs are saved compared to other methods.

aat verbeek

Verbeek's Broederij B.V. supplies day-old chicks and pullets of the layer breeds to poultry farmers in the Netherlands and abroad. For this purpose, Verbeek operates a modern hatchery in Zeewolde in the Netherlands and several rearing farms in Europe for the rearing of female day-old chicks. Verbeek is an established layer hatchery in Europe and supplies NOVOGEN genetics.

The main field of activity of Agri Advanced Technologies GmbH (AAT), Visbek, is the development of specialized application technologies for poultry breeding and farming. This includes, for example, machines for in ovo sexing, sorting and vaccination equipment for broiler breeding, or technical solutions for feed and egg disinfection. As part of a worldwide network, AAT works closely with all parties involved in the value chain, but also in research. AAT regularly cooperates with external institutions such as universities, research service providers as well as agricultural organizations, producers, and commercial enterprises.