Agri Advanced Technologies (AAT) presents its fully automatic machine for sex determination in the egg - ending of previous practice in Germany possible by the end of 2021

Visbek, 3rd August 2020. AAT (part of the EW GROUP), the specialist for the development of special application technologies in animal breeding, announces that its solution for automatic sex determination in the egg is ready for use. After years of intensive research and development work and the use of considerable financial and human resources, the company has achieved a breakthrough in hyperspectral measurement technology. AAT is the first company in Germany that, in cooperation with layer distribution hatcheries in Germany, makes it possible to determine the sex in the egg to a degree that meets up to the throughput of a modern hatchery.

„With our patented technology, all brown-laying hens hatched for the German market can be sex-determined ‚in-ovo‘ from now on. This corresponds to about 50 percent of the layer chicks required for the German market," says Managing Director Jörg Hurlin enthusiastically. "By combining our technology with other processes, the discontinuation of male chicken-killing in Germany is possible by the end of 2021."

The hyperspectral measurement technique offers the following advantages: The determination of the sex can be fully automated with high accuracy (currently greater than 95%) and more than 20,000 eggs can be tested per hour and machine. The hyperspectral measurement technology is non-invasive, so no material has to be extracted from inside the egg. Thus, there is neither a risk of contamination nor a risk of injury to the embryo. Furthermore, no chemicals must be used in hyperspectral measurement technology, which also makes the process particularly environmentally friendly. In addition, hyperspectral measurement technology can be ideally integrated into the processes of modern hatcheries of any size without compromising existing hygiene and biosafety standards.

"For brown-laying hens, our technology is now quickly available nationwide. It is also the most effective process on the market," says Managing Director Jörg Hurlin. "Like all procedures that determine the sex in the egg between the 7th and 15th day of incubation, we see our procedure as a bridging technology that makes the currently desired rapid exit from the practice of male chicken-killing possible".

In parallel, AAT is working intensively on developing procedures to practical maturity that determine the sex in the egg before the 7th day of incubation. The aim is to replace current bridging technologies with the help of such procedures in the coming years.

"Since all sex-determination methods for eggs will lead to higher retail prices, we now need close cooperation between politics, trade and the poultry industry in order to achieve the goal of phasing out chick-killing in Germany by the end of 2021," says Hurlin.

About AAT:

Agri Advanced Technologies GmbH (AAT) was founded in 2015. The company's main field of activity is the development of special application technologies for animal breeding, such as systems for sex-determination of chicks in the egg, sorting and vaccination machines for poultry or technical solutions for the disinfection of feed.

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