AAT expands capacities for sex determination in the egg

Paris, 19th July 2021. Following Germany, France will now also legally ban the killing of male day-old chicks. This was announced by French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie at a meeting between the two countries. The law is to come into force with effect from 2022.

AAT is taking this as an opportunity to further expand its egg sexing capabilities. AAT has already been active in France since 2019 with partner hatcheries Hy-Line France and Lohmann France. Together, more than 1 million in ovo-sexed chicks from the non-invasive CHEGGY method have been brought to market by now.

"We are currently intensifying the expansion of our capacity so that we will be able to sex about 30-40 million chicks per year from the end of the first quarter of 2022," said AAT Managing Director Joerg Hurlin at the Franco-German conference in Paris.

With the CHEGGY technology, AAT currently has the most sustainable and efficient method for sex determination in eggs on the market. In addition, AAT offers STUNNY, a unique and innovative solution for anesthetizing male embryos in a welfare-friendly manner.

You can find more information about CHEGGY here: https://www.agri-at.com/en/products/in-ovo-sex-determination/cheggy

Official press release from the French Ministry of Agriculture: La France sera le premier pays au monde, avec l’Allemagne, à mettre fin à l’élimination des poussins mâles | Ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'Alimentation