CHEGGY and STUNNY at Hy-Line Italia are ready to use

Rome, 16th December 2021. After Germany and France, the Italian parliament approved the amendment to end the killing of day old male chicks in the layer industry by the end of 2026. Francesca Galizia, MP and group leader of the 5-star Movement in the EU Policies Committee, presented the law to parliament. As the second chamber, the Senate still has to vote. In Germany the ban is effective since beginning of 2022, France will follow 2023.

Since the beginning of 2021 AAT has started to produce first in ovo sexed flocks at Hy-Line Italy hatchery with the demonstration unit. AAT and Hy-Line recognized the market demand for in ovo sexed layers produced locally in Italy and invested in the advanced technology.

The fully automated system is ready to deliver large flocks for the Italian producers since October 2021. While the CHEGGY is the most efficient and sustainable in ovo sexing procedure to end the culling of males, the STUNNY unit additionally guarantees a secure and welfare-friendly anaesthesia for the male embryos.