Hyperspectral Measurement Technology

Ready for practical use

Since July 2020, hyperspectral measurement technology has been ready for large-scale practical use. Our technology is the only method that allows sex determination in the hatching egg that is suitable for the capacity of a modern hatchery. Hyperspectral measurement technology is a solution which allows the in-ovo sex-determination of brown layers.

Chicks for the French market have already been produced with this system since the beginning of 2020.

News & Press Releases


Hyperspectral measurement technology for sex determination in the egg is ready for practical application

Visbek, 3 August 2020. AAT (part of the EW GROUP), the specialist for the development of special...


Carrefour – the first retailer to introduce a method for avoiding male chicks to be killed

Carrefour press release: As part of its food transition plan, Carrefour and Loué have entered into...

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