Evaluation of working time requirements of different grading and vaccination processes 

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Theuvsen, Hauke Tergast, Jörg Hurlin 

One of the most important measures for the quality of poultry breeding stock is the uniformity of the flock (ZUIDHOF et al. 2015). Even though flock uniformity does not allow for the prediction of the bird’s performance, good flock uniformity can help ensure optimal flock management. Good uniformity allows flock managers to ensure the nutritional needs of the birds are met by way of feed increases and it also adds to the success of the photo-stimulation period thus resulting in a better overall flock performance (ROBINSON 2003, MARCOS 2013). It also helps to eliminate competition between birds and with this improves their welfare. In order to enable consistent development of the entire flock, dividing into different weight groups is an established and effective method to manage broiler breeders.


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